Gastronomic Capital

This rich mix of cultures in the area has made its downtown the gastronomic beach capital by excellence, with +100 exquisite options of international and local dishes to have a new different experience in every meal, from asian to italian, arabic to mexican, vegan to steak & grill and seafood, and of course the best of costarican local food, Santa Teresa main road offers it all with lots of options at a walking distance and if not in the mood to go out and dine, the local markets have every ingredient you would need to prepare a fresh and exquisite meal.

Surfing & Sunsets Paradise

One of Costa Rica´s best waves to surf is definitely Santa Teresa´s, with waves throughout the whole year it has become one of the best beaches to catch some great waves from beginners to pro surfers, hosting dates of the Costa Rica surfing circuit, this coast line offers all type of surfing and most important not having any crowded line-ups as its extend coast lines gives opportunity to everyone.

Yoga Center

With such scenic views, calm and relaxed lifestyle, Malpaís-Santa Teresa area is the best place to have a full yoga experience, with different centers and certified teachers, this area has become a worldwide known place for yoga enthusiasts. With sessions at the beach or in less sunny environments you may experience one of the best yoga sessions of your life.

Wildlife hotspot & Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve

As any place in Costa Rica you will always see wildlife in the surroundings, hearing howler monkeys in the morning is just part of the area´s soundtrack, but in addition to this just few kilometers to the south we will find the Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve, being the country´s first area designated for nature conservation in 1963, encompassing 1,270 hectares of moist tropical forest, which provides refuge to a large variety of animals like white-tailed deer, pacas, armadillos, anteaters, howler and capuchin monkeys, coyotes, porcupines, raccoons and coatis. Around 240 species of birds have been recorded in Cabo Blanco. Apart from sea birds you can also see magpie jays, motmots, long-tailed manakins, crested caracaras, black-headed and elegant trogons, chachalacas, ringed kingfishers and various types of parrots and parakeets. Hiking in this reserve is just a unique experience to live.

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